Tori Tsui is a Bristol-based intersectional climate justice activist and organiser, speaker, writer and mental health advocate from Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Prior to climate activism, Tori specialised in scientific research which has laid the groundwork for her interest in climate science and sustainability, with a particular interest in the polar regions. Most recently she shot and presented a short film on the fragility of Svalbard in the arctic circle.

In 2019 Tori was featured as an agent of change in Stella McCartney's Fall/Winter campaign as a climate activist. Her partnership with Stella continued after she sponsored Tori to sail to the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP25 through Sail To The COP. As part of the project, Tori participated in a think tank which aimed to address the issues surrounding the sustainability of current travel methods. She was part of the media team which lobbied for advertising regulations and the communications team as a videographer. 

In 2020, she worked on a project called Sail For Climate Action Unite For Climate Action which aimed to bring Latin American, Indigenous and Caribbean youth to the United Nations Climate Change Intersessional SB52. Since then, the project has led to a collaboration with the German organisation Klimadelegation and German Ministry. The project, Building Bridges For Climate Action, aims to amplify the voices of LAC youth in Germany and facilitate movement building.

She currently works as a researcher, consultant, producer and speaker. Her debut book is currently being written and is due for release in 2022.

Tori was listed in Cosmopolitan and Instagram's Positivity Index Awards, has been shortlisted for Stella McCartney's Today For Tomorrow award, and has been featured in Vogue, Refinery29, Vice, MTV and more.