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It's Not Just You

It’s Not Just You.

The climate crisis is making us all unwell. 

But Not Just You.

The climate crisis is affecting certain communities disproportionately.

And it’s Not Just the climate crisis… 

It's Not Just You is Tori Tsui's debut book exploring the intersections between climate change and mental health from a climate justice-oriented perspective.

The term ‘eco-anxiety’ has been popularised as a way to talk about the negative impact of the climate emergency on our wellbeing.
In It’s Not Just You, activist Tori Tsui reframes eco-anxiety as the urgent mental health crisis it clearly is.

Drawing on the wisdom of environmental advocates from around the globe, Tori looks to those on the frontlines of eco-activism to demonstrate that the current climate-related mental health struggle goes beyond the climate itself. Instead, it is a struggle that encompasses many injustices and is deeply entrenched in systems such as racism, sexism, ableism and, above all, capitalism.

Because of this, climate injustice disproportionately affects most marginalised communities, who are often excluded from narratives on mental health. Tori argues that we can only begin to tackle both the climate and mental health crisis by diversifying our perspectives and prioritising community-led practices. In essence, reminding us that It’s Not Just You. 

Tackling this increasingly urgent crisis requires looking both inwards and outwards, embracing individuality over individualism and championing climate justice. Only then can we start to build better futures for both people and the planet.


The foundations of It's Not Just You are guided by four pillars as a way to navigate eco-anxiety and the climate crisis. These pillars are built upon the principles of climate justice and are an anti-dote to the hyper-individualised and -commodified realms of mental health care. Each pillar is an interpretation of 'It's Not Just You'.



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